Global Accelerating

2015 K-Global Accelerator Promotion

Because overseas expansion has become indispensable in order to overcome the narrow domestic market for start-ups, Ventureport has established a program dedicated to advancing to overseas markets in Asia. To support global growth of domestic enterprises, with the role of becoming the gateway for expansion throughout Asia, Ventureport used the catch phrase called “Ventureport Gateway to Asia 2015” in order to find and support influential startup teams.

Overall programs and educations were not provided if possible, in order to proceed with more customized programs for each teams, according to their current situations and business models. Thus, not only did the program succeed in attracting investments during the accelerating period, but also achieved significant results such as establishing business collaboration with strategic investors and establishing a bridgehead for entering into Asia. We will support and grow with the teams that have excelled to the next level through customized acceleration program which focuses on regional details and features, to expand to global market by conducting strategically optimized strategies.